Su Yu

Born in Beijing. Yu Su pursued an education in the sciences before switching to fine art after graduation from Peking University. He encountered old master techniques as well as contemporary art theories during his time at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As an outsider to the fine art field both in the States and in China, Su was able to utilize whatever tools were available to project scenes from his interior fantasies onto canvas or paper.

Su’s recent work, specifically the Sims series and the Muscle Selfies series, deal with how desires are manifested and transited behind the computer screen. With a hoarder mentality, he collected and sifted through thousands of images, either online or from video games. By translating these seemingly superfluous digital images into paintings and drawings of the more traditional caliber, Su reveals their hidden significance. The nonchalant yet highly focused style of these paintings and drawings reflects the tension between the compulsion and shame felt by the artist at exposing his deeply private and idiosyncratic fantasy life.